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The owner of the website www.portaldelempleado.com and www.tax.es is the company “TAX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES” (from now in, TAX) with registered office located 17600 Figueres (Girona-Spain), C. Alemanya, 14, with e-mail central@tax.es, with the company code CIF B-17455379 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Girona, volume 843, page 141 and sheet GI-160750 registration 8th.

TAX may at any time and in its sole discretion, change, add or delete any of the conditions of these Terms and Conditions by updating the content of this page, so we advise you to visit it periodically to see if updates have been made. TAX may, at its sole discretion and at any time, suspend the website without prior notice.



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Exemption of liability
TAX expressly waives any responsibility for errors that may occur due to system errors or failures (temporary or permanent) of the website, its application or other tools. To the extent possible, in accordance with the applicable legislation, TAX is not liable for damages due to the use, or the impossibility of using the website.


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If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, you can send it to the address mentioned above or send an email to marketing@tax.es


Indemnity clause
If any part or provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed unenforceable or incompatible with the applicable law in any jurisdiction, the validity of the remaining parts or provisions will not be affected thereby.


Applicable law 
These Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with current legislation in Spain.